There are many things that can cause irregular sleeping patterns. Your mattress is a major one. Listed below is a short list of what lack of sleep can cause. It seems like a never ending cycle because many of these also affect sleep. Today we have a growing number of places where we can have a sleep test done, proving a new awareness of correct sleeps importance. A mattress doesn't cure a sleep ailment but a good comfortable mattress is one less sleep inhibitor and allows either your body or your prescribed cure to work at its most efficient capabilities. Doctors today are convinced that sleep apnea is an intricate piece in the quest for good health and longer life.
Sleep Deprivation can Cause
O Hiigh Blood Pressure
O Obesity
O Negative Moods and behavior
O Decreased Productivity
O Saftey issues at work or on the road
O Hypertension or derpression
O Premature Aging
O Increased risk for Diabetes, Infections,                           cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal disease, and in some stages Paranoia and Hallucinations
A Mattress is More than Just Comfort
A healthy sleeper exudes at least 0.5 liters of liquid a night. During illness this can be up to 1 liter of liquid a night. After 5 years the mattress has had nearly 3000 liters of perspiration and saturated salts taken up and partially given off.
For the this reason and the fact that the bed has probably lost much of its support and comfort, it is not advisable to give your bed to your children.  Their structure is not fixed and therefore can be misshaped and more easily damaged.
What Others Say About Sleep Health
Environment, Health and Safety Online
1. The National Sleep Foundation Says:
One of the 10 things you can do to get correct sleep is make sure your mattress is supportive and comfortable
2. Make sure your room is free of alergens
3. Younger people need 9-91/2 hours of sleep
4. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep
5. More than 13% of men and 36% of women take more than thirty minutes to fall asleep
6. Night workers body temperature rises during the day making it harder to sleep
7. Shortening the sleep period mostly reduces the lighter and rem stages of sleep
8. Sleep is important for learning and organizing
9. Sleep reduces several chemicals, body temperature falls during sleep
The AAA Foundation Survey said:
Nine out of ten American Police Officers have stopped a driver they believed to be drunk but they turned out to be drosey
A survey of North American Police Officers said:
One out of Five drivers admit to nodding off while driving last year
1. Sleep is a deterrent to cardiovascular disease and stroke
2. Make your bed large enough,test different types of mattresses

Dust Mites are such an important topic I am leaving it up to those that can explain the subject better
Sleep and Your Health
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