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The original sheets were a piece of cloth laid over straw or another mattress material that was available. If the cloth was not washable, sheets were simply hung periodically over a clothesline to air out

There's no clear-cut measure of a quality sheet. No percentage will give you the magic answer, and neither will the fabric, even if it is the legendary Egyptian Cotton. But more shocking is that you can't even trust the thread count.  Thread count can be very misleading.

Important definitions to know about sheets

Thread count
is the total threads which run horizontally and vertically in a square inch of fabric. Higher thread count indicates a tighter weave and lends softness to the material. A thread count of at least 200 makes a wonderful, long lasting sheet. Sheets with a thread count of 300-400 are a little nicer, 400-900 thread count sheets. if it is softness you want, these sheets usually do the trick.Thread counts of 1000 or more make very soft and smooth sheets, but the finer threads used to achieve this high thread count often make these types less durable

Weave   creates the texture of the fabric and affects the look and feel of the sheets. Percale sheets are woven closely in a kind of basket weave and have no gloss, creating smooth-textured sheets. Sateen sheets  are woven with more fibers on the fabric surface, creating a luster almost like that of satin sheets.

Fabric "hand" is a term for how cloth feels when it is handled.

Combed cotton is cotton which has gone through a process to remove shorter fibers and any impurities in the material, which creates a smooth, soft fabric.

Egyptian cotton is a long staple cotton grown only in Egypt. It enjoys worldwide renown as the strongest, most beautiful and lustrous cotton produced

Flannel is a blend of cottons. Quality is not measured by thread count, but in ounces of material per square yard of fabric. Four ounces or more per square yard is considered good quality flannel.

Italian linen is a luxurious fabric made only in Italy from the long-staple luxury cotton which is grown exclusively in Egypt.

Muslin is cotton which is rougher yet tougher than others. During washing this fabric tends to "pill" and fade more than other  types of sheets

Percale is a combed and close-woven cloth of either cotton-polyester blends or 100-percent cotton. It is finer and softer than muslin

Pima cotton bed sheets have a silky, soft feeling. It is grown only in Australia, Peru and in the United States in Pima, Arizona

Sateen is a weave, not a fiber. It is a certain weave of natural fibers and cotton and should never be confused with silk

Satin is also a weave, not a fiber. Satin is woven of wool, cottons, acetate, polyester, silk or other materials

Silk fiber sheets are known to be more desirable and luxurious than any other sheets . Silk threads are longer than any other because each single fiber of the silkworm cocoon, unwound, can reach 1600 feet.The higher the momme weight, the more silk that is used in weaving.

Momme weight Two ounces per linear yard equals 12.5 "momme weight" The higher the momme weight, the more silk that is used in weaving

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