Is Your Mattress Sagging?  Has your Mattress Become Too Hard?
The correct cure is a new mattress.  Many of my friends have come to me with this problem and that is usually my answer.

In this time of an uncertain economy many of them really didn't want to invest in a new sleep set. I set out to find a solution.

A company called Contour Living provided the answer. Many of my readers have purchased their pillows with good success. They also carry full body wedges for people with back and breathing problems. When I saw this I contacted one of their managers to see if I could put this product on my website. Contour is a nationally known company whose products are carried by some of the larger national pharmacys.
The patented inflatable support bladder sits between your mattress and box spring. The bladder connects to a hose and hand pump. Position the bladder and use the hand pump to adjust the mattress, eliminating any sags or depressions and restoring mattress support.
Mattress Remedy
    * Repairs mattress sag and restores support
    * Improves back support and comfort for shoulders and hips
    * Extends the life of your mattress
    * Stops the sagging pit that causes people to roll into the center of the bed
    * Reduces tossing and turning for a restful sleep
    * Adjustable support to suit individual comfort needs
Normally   $49.00 on sale now $10 off only
Don't throw away hundreds of dollars on a new mattress! Mattress Remedy ends sag instantly - Adds years to your mattress life!

Sagging mattresses are a leading cause of shoulder, back & hip discomfort due to improper alignment and poor support. The Mattress Remedy restores support, dramatically improving shoulder, back and hip alignment, providing comfort for a better night's sleep. Plus, each Mattress Remedy has a control valve which allows users to set their own level of desired firmness!
New Mattress  $600 to Thousands

Doctors visits ? Plus pain

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