TEMPUR® material is "open cell" and polyurethane based. The open cell structure is breathable and promotes air flow.  Air is pushed out of the TEMPUR® cells when pressure is applied. When the pressure is removed, the cells automatically "reinflate" to return to their original shape. This breathable structure also promotes the dissipation of heat to keep individuals cool and comfortable. All products produced by Tempur-Pedic have a minimum density of 5.3 lb/ft3. The Base Layer of our mattresses provides support to the TEMPUR® components. The AirFlow System™ Base Layer increases circulation to the TEMPUR® components Additional Base Layers provide additional cushioning and support

The Original Bed
Was the first Mattress offered. Now it is the base bed it has a removable, washable cover, TEMPUR® material support layer and a standard base layer

The Advantage Bed new this year has removable, washable cover with recessed zipper with non-skid bottom, TEMPUR material comfort Layer, TEMPUR material support layer and an AirFlow System™ base layer

The Classic Bed is the same as the Advantage Bed except the cover is upgraded from terry cloth to soft, rayon-velour

The Deluxe Bed has a stretchable( top and sides), allergen resistant cover with recessed zipper, non-skid bottom and concealed cross-braced handles, a # TEMPUR material comfort Layer and a TEMPUR material support layer with the AirFlow System™ base Layer

The BellaFina Bed Released in 2009 has a soft, stretchable top with micro suede sides, recessed zipper,non-skid bottom, concealed cross-braced handles and is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, TEMPUR material comfort layer - Softer formula, TEMPUR support layer, TEMPUR-Flex™ support layer ( refers to any one of several support layer/core configurations designed to create the unique and buoyant sleep experiences) and the AirFlow System™ base layer.

The Rhapsody Bed has a one-sided design removable, washable cover, TEMPUR-HD® material comfort layer(A reformulated, higher density (7.0 lb/ft3) version of the proprietary TEMPUR® material), TEMPUR material Support Layer and a Dual AirFlow System™

The Celebrity Bed is an ultra-plush pillow-top mattress that contains even more TEMPUR pressure-relieving material than The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic™ and stands approximately five inches taller than The ClassicBed by Tempur-Pedic™ mattress, Luxurious cashmere has been blended into the cover that is dust mite and allergen resistant,. super thick TEMPUR® material pillow top comfort pillow, TEMPUR material support Layer and the Dual AirFlow System™

The Allura Bed
is a pillow-top mattress that contains  TEMPUR-HD® material and has Silk/bamboo-blend pillow-top cover with breathable MicroSuede sides, non-skid bottom and is  anti-microbial and allergen resistant

The BellaSonna Bed has a removable, washable cover, TEMPUR® material comfort layer and the TEMPUR-Flex™ support system

The Grand Bed  has a TEMPUR-HD® Comfort Layer quilted into cover,TEMPUR-HD comfort layer, TEMPUR support layer and uses the Grand AirFlow System™

The Cloud Supreme uses the new TEMPUR-ES™ foam for ultra softness

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