Simmons Beautyrest is the companies flagship line and uses the individually wrapped  coil innerspring.
And all models are foam encased

Beautyrest Classic uses basic polyfoams and is the entry level it has 800 pocketed coils with the outside two rows of heavier coils for edge support. Wovwn and Faux knits for covers

Beautyrest Worldclass has 980 coils with foam encasement, uses high performance foams including memory foam and latex in the upper models. Fabric options include embroidered suede and stretch knit.

Beautyrest Exceptionale Has a two story coil system for better body conformation and even greater motion dampening. All models use upper grade foams. Fabric option include stretch knit fabric with  blended with natural yarns
Beautyrest Black is one of the finest Upper Grade mattresses made by a major manufacturer. It uses a cable coil which makes it at least one third stronger than any common innerspring combinations of latex and memory foam in all models a better foam encasement and a water wisker fabric to keep the bed more comfortable in all seasons. This bed is displayed in only a few locations making it an industry secret.

Beautyrest NxG Advanced Memory Foam for superior heat dissipation, quicker recovery and consistent comfort, a 1000 Coil Unit, foam encasement, luxurious fabrics and high performance foam layers.Advanced Memory Foam and combinations of both NxG Advanced Memory and Latex Foam are available.
Simmons Natural Care is Simmons latex entry using natural latex and promoted by Danhy Seo Because the bed is made with biodegradable products making it one of the best "green" mattresses
Comfortpedic Simmons bought this company because it was the next generation memory foam. It has better recovery and is a cooler mattress than regular memory foam entries.

Beware!!   Some retailers use a tag which says by the makers of Beautyrest. These are not as good a mattress. In addition some of the larger retailers get Simmons to morf the levels making a bed that sounds like the next level but without all of the advantages. This is done so that when you go to a store that is not doing this you think you are comparing equals your not.

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