Perfect Sleeper has two levels containing five zone comfort cushions the less expensive group doesn't. This is a pressure relief pad with zones of different density or type of foam at your head,shoulder,waste.hips and feet and is more important to a side sleeper. They all us a continuous coil system which is created by using a single strand of wire to create the support springs, It is very strong and was initially designed to be a box spring. It creates only a three turn coil unit that means more of the body conformation must come from the upholstery. They all have comfort quilt, a piece of foam with different pattern depths to aid in pressure relief. These also offer edge support and a double beam box spring which helps in motion reduction.

Luxury Response
Basically a Perfect Sleeper with either visco elastic( memory foam that they call Kool foam) or latex upholstery layers.

Perfect Day Starts with a unique inner spring that has sections of single and double rows of coils topped with Kool Comfort memory foam with ultra fresh an antimicrobial protection. It also has CelliantSleep which is supposed to control the temperature of the mattress and promote an increase of oxygen in your body by up to 9%. There is also a Latex version also including the abnormalities protection.

Vera Wang This is an upgrade of the Perfect Day using a better cover and combining latex and kool foam in some models

Vera Wang Specialty This is a collection of Latex and Memory foam beds no inner spring and has become a huge success for Serta.

Trump Home Collection
Basically the same as the Vera Wang collections except the inner spring models use individual wrapped coils and different covers

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