Spring Beds


The base series that uses the least quality of the available options.
Comfort-       Woven Knit top,     Stretch Knit Top,    Stretch Knit Over Silk Or Wool     Polyfoam,   Polyfoam and memory foam 
Support-        Sealytech Inner spring (most basic bonnell spring)    Patented PostureTech™ Inner spring.(420 or 667coil system  
Edge Support-   Advant-Edge® System ( Inserted between Springs)  Advant-Edge® PLUS System.(a foam encasement system)
Semi Flex Box Spring

Beware!!   Some retailers use a tag which says by the makers of Sealy Posturepedic. These are not as good a mattress. In addition some of the larger retailers get Sealy to morf the levels making a bed that sounds like the next level but without all of the advantages. This is done so that when you go to a store that is not doing this you think you are comparing equals your not.

Sealy Posturepedic
Uses better quality materials than the Sealy beds
Support- This series uses two types if individual coil systems depending on level of posturepedic
Comfort-    Pressure reduction inlays-    Three zone inlay with foam     Three zone inlay with memory foam                   Seven zone inlay with memory foam and latex
Support-    Posture channels add extra support    736 coil inner spring or  782 coil inner spring
Edge Support-    Unicased Edge Support  (for edge to edge support)   Unicased XT Edge Support(not only gives edge to edge support but adds edge to edge comfort
Shock absorber ltd box spring

Sterns and Foster
The very best of Sealy's inner spring offerings using only top grade materials
Design-   Tailored Appearance  in rich caramel hue or rich mocha hue
Comfort-    Variable Response Technology( a system with balance between support and comfort)  extra memory foam or latex can be added.
Support-   Individually wrapped coil or Intellicoil system Which adds coil in coil for extra strength
Edge Support-   Seamless Edge
Ltd Boxspring or  LTD foundation with peek a boo Fabric

Memory Foam  and Latex Beds

Sealy Brand Memory Foam
Memory foam over 6" of high density foam

Embody  Memory Foam complete bed made out of foam with water wicking breathable fabric and breathable foam design
Foams are free of CFC's and other ozone depleting chemicals

Sealy Brand Latex  Latex over high density foam core

Embody Latex   complete bed made of foam,uses ater wicking fabrics
Foams are free of CFC's and other ozone depleting chemicals

Gel Memory Foam A product that works like memory foam but is cooler because of the gel bubbles injected.

Bassett another mattress line owned by Sealy versimilar to the Sealy Brand Beds
Sealy  Stearns and Foster  Bassett
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