The BodyDiagnostics™ System
BodySystem® Each BodySystem® model features a Full Coil Box Spring, Full Body Surround™, and Cushion Cloud® Construction to give you the best in postural alignment, and the pressure relief you need for a great night’s sleep.
BodyBlend® Is a BodySystem®  using Advanced cushioning materials allow the models to deliver superior postural alignment and pressure relief to cradle and support your body during the night.
BodyEssential™   are the starting models in their BodyDiagnostics™ line.
The BodyDuet™ is a BodySystem® with two different support sides for individual comfort and support
BodyCaress™ the top-of-the-line BodyDiagnostics™ sleep system, gives you the very latest in sleep science and technology.  The mattress features the BodyCaress™ coil that cradles and supports you with every night’s rest.  Using technology exclusive to Kingsdown, individual polymer coils are wrapped in visco-elastic memory foam to respond to your body’s individual comfort needs.  The mattress also features Solo™ Construction for your personalized sleeping zone, and an Omni-Stretch fabric that articulates to every shape and curve of your body.

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