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This section shows the types of the most popular mattress systems and their components. Mattress springs explains the different types of spring systems. Upholstery has in depth explanation of memory foam(tempurpedic) and latex and other foams used in bedding.
Mattress Construction Chapters
Mattress Innersprings
Mattress Upholstery and Foams
Mattress Fibers,Boxsprings,Air Beds
Mattress Sizes and Types
                    History of Mattress Construction
The cavemen slept on a combination of leaves and grass held together with animal skins. The Persians made water beds out of goatskins. Some Romans slept on feather beds.Today we have many choices. Picking the right one for you will take having a little knowledge of what your looking at inside those rectangles you see.

Mattress Construction

Adjustable Beds
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