Adjustable Beds are actively marketed as a "Life Style Choice", the assortment of adjustable bed choices has exploded over the last 30 years. People looking for an alternative to the flat bed experience, or maybe just wanting a bit more luxury, find that laying in a bed that can recline, elevate, heat and massage is a great way to enjoy the most used furniture item in the house.

The reasons adjustable beds haven't been a more popular choice are fairly simple. Consumers imagine them as hospital beds and don't wish to feel old. Craftmatic, one of the larger retailers in this market, even to this day targets senior citizens. This of course is wrong adjustable beds are good for any adult.                   The expense of stocking and delivering adjustable beds was until recently the main reason mattress stores didn't promote them. The mattress choices were limited and the motors were noisy.

Today with many consumers opting for better products in their purchases the adjustable bed has started to be noticed and sold.

The advantages of adjustable beds are numerous. They are a healthier way to sleep and with the right mattress more comfortable. Having the head and feet raised while sleeping on your back allows for better blood circulation especially from your feet back to your heart. You can breath easier usually reducing snoring. This position has been called the "Zero Gravity" position and is touted to relieve strain on the back because most of the weight is centered on the buttocks. Finally because this bed retards motion and sleeping on your side it trains your body to not to put pressure on your shoulders and hips allowing for less pain and better circulation. It puts you in fetal position on your back a natural and preferred body position. With less motion we are able to get more REM sleep, the reparative section of the sleeping cycle.

Some of the Ailments the adjustable bed gives aid to are: Arthritis, Arthritis, Asthma,  Breathing disorders, Hiatal Hernias, Swollen legs and feet, Phlebitis, Varicose veins, Back pain and Back pain.

Things to look for when purchasing an adjustable bed.

Two motors for separate operation of head and foot sections
Is the control easy to use with large buttons and simple operation
Is there a safety so that the unit can be lowered in a power outage.
Does the base have casters and wheel locks
The wall hugger option allows you to be aligned with your end tables in any position.
Is it a good Mattress, most of your weight is concentrated in a small are under the buttocks
Make sure the unit is 80" or more long

Massage and memory are nice options but not as important.
Adjustable Beds

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