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Picking the Right Mattress Store
Here are some things to look for to know how to buy a good mattress by picking the right store, Some things to look for to know if what  you are being told is good for you and not the salesperson or store's commission or profit.
1..I would purchase from a store that carries national specification mattresses. Some stores offer "better" mattresses because they are built for them. They generally have great sounding extra features. Many of these extras are useless, or in many cases, are way to make the bed cheaper and sound better. An example of this is the use of memory foam. Today many good beds are built with a high performance foam that generically is called resilium (manufacturers rename it to sound like their own special blend) The rebound(how long it will last) approaches the rebound of latex thereby exceeding the life of memory foam and doesn't give off heat or create a body pocket. It can be made to feel hard or soft. This foam is more expensive than many forms of memory foam. Replace this foam with memory foam and the bed costs less, doesn't last as long, and because almost everyone has been told how good memory foam is, the store sometimes will try and get more money for it? If this happens you won't be picking the right mattress store.
2 If the salesperson is on commission be cautious. Even the most honest is still trying to increase their income. The more they can charge you for the bed means more in their pocket. A salesperson not on commission needs to point you in the right direction to earn the sale. Usually stores with a one price policy have fair prices for the product they are carrying and the salesperson needs to pay more attention to what you need and want rather than convincing you that what pays more is best for you
3.The biggest company is rarely the best place to buy. While they usually can buy better than the smaller store that difference gets negated buy the cost of advertising. The more locations they have the more rents, payroll, maintenance, equipment they need. A company with a few locations is generally better because their overhead is in balance and the manufacturers will pay attention to them but not be bullied into poorer standard product. Generally picking the right mattress store means selecting a smaller company
4 Mattress Stores with price guarantees save you time in shopping by just not going to them. Let me translate these for you. We are lying about our price what else do we lie about.
5 You are not picking the right mattress store if they offer a warranty longer than the manufacturer's. All foam beds last longer than spring beds just by design. If you are cleaning a spring bed often (vacuuming the bed at least every 3 months) then the life of the spring bed could be increased. A spring mattress can double in weight in five years. Almost every major brand will tell you (see their websites)a spring beds healthy life is five to seven years, The springs and upholstery may still be good but the bed itself is contaminated. You can extend the beds life by using a waterproof, dust mite resistant mattress cover
6 The body pressure machines are little better than nothing. Remember these facts, They usually have you lie on your back (we don't sleep in one position therefore the recommendation is only good when you are on your back). Some of the machines tell you the test is for their own products only, when salesperson(smarter than the engineers computer and scientists) leads you to believe they know what other manufacturers products match the reading it is time to leave the store. Your not in the right mattress store
7 If the store uses used car lot style of selling get out. These stores are after your money not your well being
8 I have been in sales most of my life and a little trick, I've used to see what type of store I was going to shop, Look up their hiring ad in the paper or on the web. See what kind of compensation they are promising. One large bedding stores says 100,000 for four days work is thier goal. Who do you think pays for that?
9 Always negotiate Always!!!   Even in  stores that have fixed prices ask for a lower price anyway.In all the rest negotiate as if you were purchasing a car. In many stores half price is too high on upper priced sets.

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