Allergy Relief
Having difficulty sleeping due to allergy symptoms? You're not alone! More than 20% of people suffer from allergies and asthma. Symptoms include itchy or watery eyes, a runny nose, wheezing, coughing, and occasional skin rashes. Dust mites are responsible for most allergies in the home. They thrive where it is warm, dark and humid; mattresses and bed pillows are some of their favorite hiding places

.iHome features a selection of bedding to help you combat allergies and their symptoms. Synthetic filled pillows are machine washable and odor-free, making them ideal for sleepers prone to allergies. The best way to ensure that dust mites won't ;bug; you is to completely enclose their hideouts in a barrier that allows moisture and air to escape while at the same time preventing allergens from passing through. Aller-Ease mattress covers and pillow covers are available in 100% cotton and a special Propore fabric. They are breathable, easy to care for and their zippered construction ensures a secure shield against allergens.

Allergy sufferers no longer have to sacrifice comfort in order to breathe easy. New synthetic filled featherbeds and down comforters mimic the feel of luxurious natural fibers without irritating allergies. Duvet covers and shams will surround you in breathable softness and comfort, while protecting against allergens and keeping your comforter and pillows free of dirt and dust

Follow these other tips for extra defense against allergies:

1. Wash bedding weekly, preferably in hot water. (Most manufacturers recommend warm water since hot water may cause shrinkage. Guard against shrinkage by purchasing oversized sheets.)

2. Keep carpeting to a minimum; don't give dust mites additional shelter!

3. Use only lightweight, washable curtains, such as sheers or all-cotton drapes. Our selection of window treatments contains a wide variety of breezy curtains. Heavy curtains collect dust and are hard to keep clean.

4. Keep windows closed. If you need air, use an air conditioner.

5. Make sure your closet is as tidy as possible; dust loves to accumulate on clothes and in other messy places.

Allergy Relief

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